December 4, 2022, 5:45

NFL hopefuls chase the dream in 2022 International Combine at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

NFL hopefuls chase the dream in 2022 International Combine at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

British edge rusher Arthur Mbahin, Nigerian offensive lineman Chijioke ‘CJ’ Basil Okoye and German duo Leander Wiegand and Flamur Simon talk to Sky Sports at the 2022 NFL International Combine; Athletes from across 13 countries were put to the races at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Tuesday

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Jason Bell discusses the growth of the NFL in the UK and the Green Bay Packers coming over to play in London for the first time.

“It’s going to be crazy, when you look at how fast tickets sold out the stadium is going to be full and the whole hype in Germany is so big, especially because Aaron Donkor is at the Seahawks and from Germany,” said Wiegand.

“Me and my friends had like several computers set up and right at the time we tried to get tickets but we were like 600,000th in line, we tried,” conceded Wiegand, before issuing a light-hearted plea for any fans with extra tickets on offer to send them his way.

Every so often the pair’s eyes divert around the arena in which neither one can quite believe they have just played and in which just days earlier Justin Jefferson had been running riot for the Vikings.

“Sunday we watched the game and now we’re there competing to be in it on a future Sunday, it’s amazing. It hasn’t really gotten to me,” said Wiegand.

Regardless of whether or not a place in the final IPP program awaits, the experience has only seemingly fuelled their love for the game.

“It’s a dream, it’s a long shot, but when you look at the stage I cannot imagine anything else that would be better for me as an athlete and as a person to achieve something like playing in a stadium like this,” added Simon.


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