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Coffey and Cigars: Is Truss Government’s Mooted Health Secretary Fit for Purpose? – 06.09.2022, Sputnik International

Coffey and Cigars: Is Truss Government’s Mooted Health Secretary Fit for Purpose? – 06.09.2022, Sputnik International


James TweedieAll materialsWrite to the authorTherese Coffey is tipped for the job of health secretary as her friend Liz Truss takes over from Boris Johnson as Prime Minister. But does the drinker and cigar-smoker set a good example of personal well-being?Questions have been asked about cabinet minister Therese Coffey’s fitness for the job of health secretary.The newly-anointed PM Liz Truss flew back to London from Scotland on Tuesday following her audience with Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral Castle, where she was formally invited to form a government.Earlier, the Queen accepted outgoing PM Boris Johnson’s formal resignation as her chief minister.

WorldLiz Truss Becomes UK’s New Prime Minister After Queen Elizabeth Asks Her to Form GovernmentYesterday, 11:48 GMTMedia speculated that Coffey, an old friend of Truss, would be given the health and social care portfolio in her first cabinet.One unnamed senior Tory, who has served in cabinet with both women, told the Daily Telegraph that they made up an unlikely “yin and yang”.”It is an odd partnership because Therese is very Catholic and a ‘wet’ in the old sense of the word — very much a moderate,” the cabinet source said. “She’s a team player, whereas the only team Liz is on is Team Liz.”Truss is “much more of a loner, whereas Therese is the social glue in the party — she brings people together,” the source stressed “She’s famous for loving karaoke and hosting nights for MPs and staff. But that’s why it works. Liz needs her for her social skills. They are a good yin and yang.”James Flanders, consumer reporter at tabloid newspaper The Sun, illustrated Coffey’s “party” side by tweeting a well-worn photo of her smoking a cigar in an apparent imitation of Sir Winston Churchill, while holding a glass of wine — some of which had spilt down the tipsy-looking MP’s top.

Tweeted image of Conservative cabinet minister Therese Coffey, who is tipped to become health secretaryCoffey would not be the first health secretary with a fondness for tobacco. John Reid, who held the job from 2003 to 2005 under Labour prime minister Tony Blair, has been photographed puffing cigars in public too. Reid tried to limit Labour’s plans to ban smoking in all workplaces to areas where food was served.He also argued that smoking was one of the few pleasures available to the poor, which the middle class should not begrudge them, while chancellor of the exchequer Gordon Brown raised tobacco duty to levels which doubled the price of a packet of cigarettes. “I just do not think the worst problem on our sink estates by any means is smoking, but it is an obsession of the learned middle class,” Reid said in 2004.. “What enjoyment does a 21-year-old single mother of three living in a council sink estate get? The only enjoyment sometimes they have is to have a cigarette.”

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