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China Blasts Germany for Making ‘Unwarranted’ Comments on Border Dispute With India – 31.08.2022, Sputnik International

China Blasts Germany for Making ‘Unwarranted’ Comments on Border Dispute With India – 31.08.2022, Sputnik International


Rishikesh KumarAll materialsWrite to the authorIndia shares a 3,488 km loosely demarcated border with China, ranging from Arunachal Pradesh to Ladakh. The ongoing border stand-off in Ladakh erupted in June 2020 after the armies of the two nations accused each other of violating border agreements.On Wednesday, the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi warned against “third party” involvement in the China-India border dispute, as a German diplomat accused the People’s Liberation Army of violating international law.

"The boundary question should be handled by China and India bilaterally. This is the consensus of the two sides. There's no space for any third party to intervene or make unwarranted comments or pick sides," the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi said.

Wang Xiaojian, the Chinese Embassy spokesman, said Beijing regretted the comments made by the German diplomat in India on August 30.”The boundary question between China and India is a historical burden left by colonists. The irresponsible remarks went too far,” he added.German envoy Phillip Ackerman said that China’s claims to Arunachal Pradesh are “outrageous,” and its transgressions at the Line of Actual Control clearly violate international law.”We should not forget that China claims that Arunachal Pradesh is part of China, which is outrageous in a way, and we see very clearly that the infringement at the border is extremely difficult and should not be accepted,” Ackerman said in his first briefing in Delhi since he presented his credentials to President Droupadi Murmu last week.It is worth mentioning that the Indian government has not referred to China’s activities in the Ladakh region of the western sector of the LAC as “transgressions.”Prime Minister Narendra Modi affirmed that “no one has entered Indian territory, nor was anyone inside Indian territory.”The two nations have deployed thousands of troops and military hardware since June 2020 in response to a hand-to-hand fight between the two armies, killing 20 Indian soldiers and four PLA troops.Apart from Ladakh, India and China remain at odds over an area that India recognizes as Arunachal Pradesh, and China claims to be part of South Tibet.

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